Henry Hornsby

Dedicated to Henry Hornsby, genetically-blessed son of Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby - born 21st Sept, 2011.


Emily Deschanel at the FXX Premiers September 3rd, 2013 (x)

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awwwww!!!!!! The Hornsby family!


Henry, Emily’s son, is a little bundle of yum and he’s probably got the sunniest disposition of any kid I’ve ever met. He’s just a smiley happy boy, so wandering into the makeup trailer every morning and just having this cooing amazing baby is lovely. It puts everyone in a really good mood.
— Tamara Taylor about Henry.  (via zemilydeschanel)
He’s wonderful!” The Bones star, 35, gushed when asked about her son with actor David Hornsby. “He has two teeth…very advanced for his age.” Continued the actress, “I don’t know if that’s advanced…but it’s unusual!
— Emily Deschanel (X)

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